What’s Growing on in the Church Garden?!

Planting has begun in the church garden – home to potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, beans, and of course, flowers! It is so beautiful that even the groundhogs cannot stay away, even though we wish they would. The garden would not be possible without the work done by our sister Waneta Benson as well as other helpers within the church and the community! A special thanks needs to be mentioned to her and others including, Alan Benson, Howard Kramer, David Myers, Chuck Fuge, Bill Holland, Daryn Bullock, Joyce Albin, and Mary Etta Harrington! It is truly a place for growth, literally, and mentally. We welcome you to come and rest on a bench between the flowers. The garden located behind the church garage across from Crescent Street, and I am sure it would love some visitors other than the groundhogs! 

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