Church of the Brethren

The Church of the Brethren is a Protestant denomination that began over three centuries ago in Germany. The first congregation established in the United States during the 18th century is located in Germantown, PA, where the congregation still draws people who want to continue the work of Jesus in faithful and loving service. Jesus brought a message of life, love, and hope, but He offered much more than inspiring words; He demonstrated by the example of His life how to trust, how to care, and how to help. The Church of the Brethren strives to follow in His footsteps steadily, lovingly, and even radically. As a historic peace church in this current age, Brethren seek to be a “living peace church” listening conscientiously, seeking guidance through the scriptures, and working toward reconciliation. We believe in peaceful, simple living as we seek to live out our faith in community. This emphasis on community life extends beyond the household of faith into the surrounding community where we serve and share the love of Jesus for the common good. You may learn more about the Church of the Brethren here.

Meet the Staff

We presently have one pastor on staff and are currently looking for new staff.

Josiah Ludwick:
Associate Pastor
Waneta Benson:
Don Valient Mitchell: