Alyssa Parker Article on Education Inequity Featured in Messenger!

Our very own Alyssa Parker contributed an article called “Race, education, and the church” to the most recent edition of the Church of the Brethren’s magazine Messenger. The piece traces Harrisburg First’s journey of gaining a deeper understanding of educational inequity in Pennsylvania as well as taking action to combat it. Check it out here!

Alyssa’s article first appeared in the Messenger, magazine of the Church of the Brethren, in the June 2021 issue. To subscribe to Messenger, contact your church representative (if your church has a Messenger club) or start a subscription for just $17.50 at

You can also view a series of Sunday Studies on the topic on the church’s YouTube channel!

Inequity in Education- ZOOM Sunday Study w/ Gimbiya Kettering 3/28/21

ZOOM Sunday Study- Inequity in Education w/ Sunada Roberts & Chloe Oustrich 5/20/21

ZOOM Sunday Study- “Inequity in Education – Part 2” w/ Sunada Roberts & Chloe Oustrich 6/13/21

And here are some links compiled in a pdf about how you can get involved, as well as a PowerPoint presentation that accompanies the Sunday Studies with Sunada and Chloe!

Education Inequity Links

Education Inequity PowerPoint

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