Congratulations Graduates!

On May 2nd we recognized 8 college graduates leaving from 4 different institutions! Some of these graduates grew up in the church and were participants and leaders in church programs as well as bcmPEACE programs like Bright Futures and Agape Satyagraha. Two of these recognized graduates were able to continue their education thanks to our Scholarship Fund. Without this resource, it would have been much harder, if even possible, for them to be able to attend post-secondary education.

  Each of the Graduates were called forward and recognized personally during our live outdoor worship. They were presented with an inspirational book called “Common Prayer a Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals.” which is a book of prayer and song by several different and very accomplished authors that we hope provides inspiration for their next steps in life. Career choices differed from wanting to work in the CIA or FBI to becoming a social worker or going to Seminary. Some want to stay here in Allison Hill and contribute to the neighborhood and some are following their calling to create a new home. 

There is a children’s song that says “it only takes a spark to get a fire going”. These graduates are the spark and the fire they ignite is going to change the world

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